Finding Balance
with Vanja Kovacevic
Overcome overwhelm. Level up your life.
Overcome overwhelm.
Level up your life.
Finding Balance
with Vanja Kovacevic
How to create balance in your life?

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Does this sound like you?

– You feel overwhelmed with all you need to do in a day; you feel that you are not in control of your own life and you blame yourself and others.
– In the morning you stare at the ceiling, dreading another day ahead. You don’t want to get up, and you take your phone and start to scroll through social networks. You feel like you lost your joy somewhere along the way.
– You often don’t say what you think or you hide your interests; afraid that they will seem inappropriate for your professional or private circle, or that you will come across as weird;
– In the evening instead of relaxing, you go in your mind over the things you did at work, constantly ruminating about mistakes you might have done and what might the consequences be. You live in latent fear and worry about next bad thing that might happen.
– When was the last time you fell asleep happy, with that sense of peace and calmness, knowing that your life is just perfect the way it is?
– You are forgetful and have no patience to read work emails to the end. It’s frustrating, and you are irritated with constant demands of everyone and everything around you. You often snap at your partner, children or colleagues.
– You often think “there must be more to life than this”, but you choose not to think about the discomfort and continue to push forward;
– When your best friends reminds you to prioritize your needs, you cannot even remember what is it you need. You feel like you lost yourself in the process and you dream of a better future. 
– At times you feel like a fraud and you are worried that any day now they will find out that you are not who you say you are. You feel inadequate for the role you’re in.
– You often agree to things you don’t want because you are uncomfortable to say no; but then spend hours being resentful because you yet again agreed to something you don’t want.

If this is you, you likely spent years or even decades being focused on others, running after work, putting yourself on the back burner, neglecting your desires. This in turn resulted in exhaustion, overwhelm, resentment and unhappiness.

It’s important to know that you still can have a life you want and that you are not alone. I can help you to overcome overwhelm, create balance in your life and to level up. You can have it all; balanced life, better career, more success, more income and live the way you want to live. You can be the driving force of your own life. I understand where you are, because I once was where you are now.


finding balance

Through my signature program Finding Balance, together we can get you to the place of transformation, to the place of well-being & happiness. My clients are women who have a common goal – to overcome overwhelm, unravel and connect to their inner power. They want to live authentic lives, not by the dictate of others or social norms, but from their soul and integrity. They want to speak their truth, without fear of judgment and rejection. They want to break the rules if it needs be, even if its uncomfortable and scary. They want to become who they are when they live up to their full potential.

Choose to stop being a victim of circumstances. Be willing to show up in your life, own it, and live it fully.

Are you ready to be courageous and see what this life really has in store for you? Are you brave enough to  commit to your best self? When, if not now? 
Hi, I'm Vanja;
My passion is helping women who feel stuck, exhausted and overwhelmed to connect to their inner power, ditch all the victim stories, reduce stress and start to live authentic and meaningful life from their heart.
What makes me qualified to help you? I have been where you are, I know what you’re going through. I was you. I spent over a decade seeking a recipe for a better life, for happiness, and I found that we already have that recipe in our hearts. We just need a bit of courage and a support; someone to hold our hand and a lamp for us while we’re descending to our heart. It is buried deep below obligations, social norms, demands, morality, beliefs, and it is scary down there. I am here to hold that lamp for you. More about me here.

Once you feel and hear your heart, once you truly accept all of your parts, and start to live from that authentic self, speaking your truth, your life will completely change. Only then, your external circumstances will change too.

We run after things in life that were laid before us as a path we must take – school, marriage, corporate job, parenting, middle age, retirement. Rarely do we question this path and when we notice something is missing, we try to compensate by pushing further and harder, seeking influence, power, more success, more achievements, more money. 
Because we believe this is what will buy us a dream. When it’s still missing and pain becomes louder, we will numb ourselves with a bottle of wine, activities, and social functions, fill our schedule so we don’t have time to stop and feel. Sometimes, we will neglect our needs and numb our bodies so much that we will end up chronically exhausted, burnt out, or even ill.
If you dream that one day you will have the life you want but you’re not ready yet, or you secretly envy others on the life they are having; then my friend, you are on the wrong track. Your task in this life is to connect to yourself and be content with who you are and how you are living. The path to the life you will love is the path into yourself; checking in with who you are below all the imposed beliefs and behaviours, accepting all of the parts and action in the direction of your passion.

When we continue for years paying no attention to our heart, we either end up in burnout or apathy that manifests as depression. In both cases person continues to do what they always did, thinking they are helpless to change anything. They are disconnected from their heart, passion, or purpose. The solution is simple. Gather your courage and start to take steps towards yourself, get to know the real you, and start taking steps in alignment with your heart and soul. Everything else will fall in its place by itself.

Be courageous.

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Mara Jankovic
“In a time when everything seemed confused and overwhelming, Vanja brought clarity and a peace of mind that helped me choose the way out of a confusing life situation.”

“To transform the world, we must begin with ourselves; and what is important in beginning with ourselves is the intention. The intention must be to understand ourselves and not to leave it to others to transform themselves or to bring about a modified change through revolution, either of the left or of the right. It is important to understand that this is our responsibility, yours and mine…”


Jiddu Krishnamurti

How to create balance in your life?

Download our free workbook and learn how to deal with stress and improve your well-being.