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is this you?

Circumstances are throwing you helplessly around; you feel that you are not in control of your own life
Being on the verge of burnout and dreading a new day ahead, you have a hard time coping with daily responsibilities
Prioritizing your needs is almost impossible; you dream of a better future instead of having it here and now

If so, it is likely that stress and imbalance are holding you back.

You are not alone. I can help you to get in the driver seat of your life.

Hi, I'm Vanja

My passion is helping overworked professional women to eliminate stress, create balance and build resilience so that they can transform their lives.

I know where you are at as I have been there. Even now I have goose bumps when recalling all those mornings I could not get out of bed, dragging my feet, and dreading the day ahead. Overwhelmed with tasks and responsibilities, dreaming about better future, and thinking “If only I had…” a different job, a different partner, a different boss, and lived in a different city, country… (feel free to continue the list…it is LONG).

In 2014 I had a burnout and I made changes. I even moved. However, only to quickly discover that none of those things was in fact the issue. The issue was – me. In other words, the glasses I chose to see the world through.

Don’t get me wrong, sometimes we need to make radical shifts in order to thrive. But most importantly, even without radical changes, life can be oh sooooo much better, less tense, happier, and more enjoyable.

I can help you release the stress and tension, find your own balance and yourself again, evaluate your perspectives and create that very life you dream of. The painful truth is that life passes by in a blink and it doesn’t wait for a good day to start.

Start where you are. Stop postponing your happiness.

Transformational Coach
Vanja Kovacevic
Stress Release & Transformation Coach

finding balance

When was the last time you fell asleep happy, with that sense of peace and calmness, like a kid when there is that feeling of being here and now and everything that you know is just perfect? Chances are that was a long time ago and instead you go to sleep with your to do lists, arguments, meetings, conference calls, or even anxious anticipation of the next day.
It doesn’t have to be that way.
To get to the place of well-being & happiness, to a place of transformation where we are safe regardless of the ragging storms outside, it is vital to eliminate the stress, change mindset and adopt more positive outlook on life.

Choose to change your mindset. Be willing to show up in your life, own it, and live it fully.

Are you ready to take on the challenge? Are you ready to commit to your best self? When, if not now? To learn more about my program or to apply for a spot, click the button below.



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Mara Jankovic
“In a time when everything seemed confused and overwhelming, Vanja brought clarity and a peace of mind that helped me choose the way out of a confusing life situation.”

“The only thing that is constant is change”


Feeling burnt out and want to do something about it?

Take a first step and DOWNLOAD FREE Self-Coaching Workbook for Burnout Prevention and Recovery!