About Vanja
Hi! My name is Vanja Kovacevic and I am a professional certified coach passionate about helping
you to eliminate stress, create balance and build resilience so you can transform your life into one that you want!
Are stress and busy life getting to you? Are you on top of your game in work and life? Are you happy where you are?

We all know deep down what we want, which way we want to go (even if we think we don’t know, we in fact do, we just need to dig a bit!) but sometimes we rather do what we are expected to instead of what we want to.

We are afraid to make a mistake, we think there is a life we need to have, or that we will disappoint others around us. WE keep ourselves stuck. WE create stress that holds us back. We believed that we are not enough.

Does this sound like you?

This sure was a truth for me.

I was working in a professional services industry, having high level of responsibility and ridiculous levels of stress, and it all started to get to me. If I was not in the office, handling clients’ issues or working with my team, I was on the plane hopping between Asia, Europe and US. I worked on the plane, airport, ferry, wherever I happen to find myself. Remote work was my middle name. Not so bad when you can work from the beach, but I was literary working ALL OFF THE TIME.
DSC_9293 copy
My personal life was non-existent.

I have stressed myself out to the point of burnout.

It all had to change and luckily, I chose ME. I changed my mindset and the way I see the world.

My mission is to use
my knowledge and experience of transformation I went through and help those who are seeking a support on their path. 
Today I am an ICF certified coach with a first-hand experience of overcoming inner obstacles, building resilience, managing change and transformation into living a full potential. I am a problem solver and I am here to partner with you. To help you dig deep inside, release what is holding you back and take that beautiful, joyful you out to the spotlight.
Some random stuff about me:

– I have lived in Croatia, Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, Portugal and Belgium

– Founded three companies on two continents

– Ran a regional law firm in Asia

– I have become Reiki and Theta Healing practitioner

– Had 16 years long international legal career

– Been through the war and been a refugee

– Transformed my inner saboteurs into joyful collaborators

– I believe that meditation changes life

– Was a part of all-female sailing crew and competed in regattas

– Learned to drive motorbike in craziness of Ho Chi Minh City (rarely used a horn though!)

– Bangkok is my favourite home

– Became vegetarian but still eat bacon occasionally (yeah, I know…but seriously, bacon makes everything better)

– I get a kick out of solving problems

You know what is important to you, and I know the journey to your essential self!