About Vanja Kovacevic
Hi! I’m Vanja, a professional certified coach, life enthusiast, passionate about supporting overwhelmed women to see life for what it is – a playground where we set the rules and create our own experience.
I came a long way to see life in this way from where I was.
My first career was legal, I was an attorney. Even though I had a super exciting job, I was traveling the world, meeting different people, my mindset at the time was terrible.
For the most part, I felt victimized, unappreciated, and undervalued. I came to the point where I was waking up in the morning empty, staring at the ceiling, didn’t want to get up. I was in constant pain, exhausted, and completely miserable.
What I didn’t understand at the time – I was the victim of my own mindset. I was looking for a cause outside of me. I had tried traditional therapy but it didn’t do much for me, so I started to seek alternative techniques to help myself. I found Theta Healing, a tool that helped me discover some deep beliefs I had about myself and the world and that’s when my world slowly started to shift.
In 2014 I got an offer to help an Asian law firm to help develop their business in Southeast Asia. I was ecstatic and grabbed the opportunity with both hands and within two months I found myself on a plane to Phnom Penh, Cambodia.
In my first year in Asia, I was completely overwhelmed with everything. Colors, smells, crowds, culture, way of life, food, habits, learning to drive a scooter in Ho Chi Minh City’s traffic (where I moved after Phnom Penh), being careful not to forget tap water is non-potable…
It was overwhelming on all fronts of life you can possibly imagine. I was setting up the office and hiring the team, learning about laws, customs, and culture in Southeast Asia. I was literary working ALL the time.
Having a hyper-focus on business I had no social life, didn’t pay any attention to self-care, and it didn’t pass long before I reached the point where I seriously thought my heart will stop from exhaustion. I remember taking a taxi home every night, completely wasted and unable to speak how drained I was.
Wish I could say that I understood what I was doing to myself, but I didn’t. It got a bit easier to the extent that I got used to most aspects of life, but the amount of work remained challenging.
After a year I moved on to Thailand and did the same thing there; opened the market, set up the office, and the team. I spent five years running the business of the entire region and continued to burn myself down.
In the end, just before I decided to end my legal career, I was literally unable to read emails, I had no motivation whatsoever and I was forgetting things. Pretty inconvenient for a lawyer and regional director in a law firm.
In the aftermath, I learned that one of the biggest stressors for me was rooted in what is one of my top five strengths – responsibility. Responsibility for other people and other people’s businesses, on top of my personal workaholic tendencies.
I know now that all adversities, all experiences, from being in the hospital with burned skin as a young toddler, through the war, through all work challenges, all just served to an expansion of my awareness and to where I am now – to support YOU on your path to greatness.
Coaching Qualifications and other techniques
Masterclass: Train the Trainers, 2018
Theta Healing®
Integration Technique®
Some random stuff about me:

∞ I have lived in Croatia, Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, Portugal, Belgium and Spain

∞ Founded three companies on two continents

∞ Ran a regional law firm in Asia

∞ I have become Reiki and Theta Healing practitioner

∞ Had 16 years long international legal career

∞ Been through the war and been a refugee

∞ Transformed my inner saboteurs into joyful collaborators

∞ I believe that meditation changes life

∞ Was a part of all-female sailing crew and competed in regattas

∞ Learned to drive motorbike in craziness of Ho Chi Minh City (rarely used a horn though!)

∞ Bangkok is my favourite home

∞ Became vegetarian but still eat bacon occasionally (yeah, I know…but seriously, bacon makes everything better)


You know what is important to you, and I know the journey to your essential self!