Are You Living on Autopilot?


How do you show up in your world? Is your expression authentic or habitual? Can you recognize conditioning by surroundings and upbringing; certain thinking, emotional or behavioral patterns that are imprinted onto you?

I guess before all these questions there is a preliminary issue (pardon my legal jargon 😊): do you even care to be authentic? Is it important to you, and do you see any added value in the expression of the genuine conscious self as opposed to the habitual impulses from the unconscious?

If so, the challenge for this week might be to track and recognize habits. What are your routines? What do you believe to be true, and that is driving your behaviors? Is it inherited and/or imposed or yours?

You can ask yourself these questions in different areas of life, jot down findings and distill the patterns. Are they believes and patterns that you’d consciously choose?

Habits can be changed (hint: neuroplasticity is the lifelong capacity of the brain to reorganize neural pathways). We only need to be willing to venture out of the familiar.

Let me know here how it goes; I am curious.


*Photo by JJ Ying @Unsplash