Do You Have To Hide In Your Life?

How often do you find yourself in a situation in which you feel you cannot express yourself because it’s not appropriate? Not appropriate for your professional circle, or social status; or simply because “they will not understand”. “They” being whoever, from family to friends to clients to colleagues.
For a long time I belonged to a “respectable” legal circle and I felt it was not appropriate to share my esoteric interests and hobbies. Theta Healing, shamanic practices, new age philosophy, all practices that my heart is deeply connected to. At social functions I would have dodged questions in that direction, as I was afraid that I will come across as not serious, laughed at, discarded.
I justified it to myself by thinking it’s my private life, it’s no one’s business, no one needs to know and no one cares. Still, I felt like I am living a double life. It really is no one’s business, but I still felt as if I have two personalities; one true me, and the other to be shown on the outside.
Then I changed profession and started to coach full time, but I was still hiding. I didn’t want to share on social networks what I am doing, how I support my clients, what kind of coach I am, like it’s a lesser thing to do than lawyering.
Social conditioning runs deep.
This is especially true in the part of the world where I originate from, where differences are laughed at, people are diminished for being different, and cynicism is a widely accepted and praised. Just dare to be different!
People don’t speak about what’s not favorable, nobody is showing vulnerability, as if we are not all sometimes going through difficult emotions, experiences, and life losses.
I discovered in the meantime that living in line with our truth is not a platitude, it’s a real thing and not easy at all. Regardless if its esoteric practices like in my case, or something more tangible in yours, it requires courage, vulnerability and willingness not to be liked by everyone.
Speaking out your truth requires knowing and accepting yourself as you are, first. Being able to tune in to your heart, see what is there and start to build your reality in line with it.
In my work I support women who want more from life. They are looking to grow and have the courage to dive deep into their personal development, see themselves completely, and accept all they come across within themselves.
They explore in what ways they sabotage themselves and hinder progress towards their dreams and goals. They connect to their deepest self and their truth; learn where their boundaries are and what is the vision they hold for themselves and their life.
Yes, this means supporting you in achieving worldly goals like building confidence and realizing self-worth, overcoming burnout, managing stress, but also exploring who is it you are meant to be.
So, are you showing up authentically in your life?
Send me a message if you need support on that journey.