Fine Line Between Helping and Pleasing


Are you a team player who gives her heart and soul for common goals? At work, with your partner, with your friends? Are you the one who always stays to the end, pushes the hardest, and feels a personal failure if a team doesn’t succeed?

Being a team player is good; giving is good. Not that they taught us, but it’s the universal law. Give, and you’ll be given. We want to help; we want to make the world a better place, we want to give. We also want to be good. Loved too.

So, when you look at your own life and behaviors, can you draw the line where you being a sport ends and taking personal responsibility for all negative that happens starts?

There is a thin line between being a helper and a people pleaser. That line lies in self-love, self-worth, and personal boundaries.

If you recognize yourself in this story, do you see where that line in your life is?

I want to challenge you to spend a week recognizing where that line is, and then with compassion and kindness to yourself and others, to choose the side of that line where you’d consciously like to be.

Awareness is the key to all change.

Let me know here how it went; I am curious.


Photo by Mitchell Luo @Unsplash

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