How to Avoid Burning Out


Why we end up in burnout in the first place? The answer is complex and also involves the organization we work in and its corporate culture, values, organization of work, clarity in communication, and lots more; however, it always starts and ends with us. After all, burnout is common with freelancers and entrepreneurs too, it doesn’t concern just the employees.

We are responsible for identifying stressors and recognizing when they start to affect us a tad too much; when it’s time to change something in the way we go about things. In the end, it’s on us to look inwards and see that we are heading to a red zone, address what’s been happening and ask for help.

Inability to concentrate, having a hard time getting up in the morning, irritability, prolonged periods of frustration, forgetfulness, exhaustion, losing zest for life, are just some of the signs that something needs to change.

The biggest favor you can do to yourself is to start to develop self-awareness in time and ask for support in doing so. It’s available here.

*Photo by STIL @Unsplash