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The Secret to Finding Balance

Do you know that burnout has very little to do with external stressors but everything to do with our mental…

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What about unpleasantness?

I read this article on positive thinking this morning where it’s argued that extreme positive thinking can be harmful. While…

The No. 1 Auxiliary Strategy for Stress Reduction

My number one auxiliary strategy when it comes to stress reduction and burnout prevention is meditation (surprise, surprise ๐Ÿ˜Š). Why…

How to Deal With Insecure Times?
When we canโ€™t go back where we came from, and the way forward has not yet unraveled, we feel stuck and as if nothing is going for us. We are worried and stressed. In those moments we have a choice โ€“ stay where we are and indulge further in overthinking and worry or call upon our mental strength and the will of the heart and push through.