What can conflicts do for us?




Conflicts are destructive, to put it simply. But are there any good sides to them?

As someone who has a classic “avoider” amongst their inner saboteurs (someone who withdraws at the mere sight of a “C” in a conflict), I came to understanding that at times conflicts are not only necessary, but good things can come out them.

Sometimes setting our boundaries in relationships with others can give a rise to a “healthy” conflict, where we stand our grounds and keep our own space from invading. However, even where conflict is not caused by our inner instinct to protect the core of our being, the most powerful realization that we can have is to take the responsibility for the conflict as our own creation, owning it.

In my coaching experience, I saw that three main positive things can come from this:

– Introspection: it gives us the opportunity to re-examine our thoughts and feelings, and to see ourselves and our actions through eyes of another. Useful way to see what impact we have to the world.

– Lesson: teaches us what we believe is true about us, others and how we operate the world.

– Catharsis: gets what is unspoken out in the open, clears the air.

What positive aspects you find in mainly negative occurrence such as conflict?