Who are you when no one is looking?

Or to rephrase the title – how authentic is your living?

Are there things you’d say but keep to yourself because someone might not like you?

Are there things you love but don’t do or hide that you do, because they are not appropriate in your circle?

Are there people you don’t dare to love because they are not of your social status?

I recently had an experience of connecting to my spiritual roots in a most unusual way. It made me think that only when we appreciate and comprehend where we come from, we can be who we truly are.

It reminded me how long I was operating in a white-collar professional world, hiding my spirituality, my weirdness, my woo-woos that I love so much.

I wanted to be loved for who I am, but at the same time I wasn’t showing who I am out of fear of being dismissed, or laughed at as different, rejected as not serious enough. You know, law firm kind of serious. Hi, I’m Vanja, lawyer, coach, shamanic apprentice; nice to meet you. In my mind it was just not appropriate.

When you don’t live openly and in line with who you are, when you don’t carry your world on a forefront wherever you are, that takes tall on your peace of mind, your well-being, and your joy. I dare to say – it takes toll on your health.

We all have an authentic inner self, the question is how much of it are you showing it?

Your authentic self is the best thing you got, and one thing you actually owe to the world. 

Where can you open your life up to who you are?

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