Coaching is..

…partnering with people to help them to move forward in life, set and achieve their goals, and to get them where they want to be. Coach mirrors you and helps you to find what is true for you, what are your true desires, where you need more clarity, what you still need to learn, and what is your unique and authentic expression in the world.

Although the filter of definitions and beliefs we hold is an important factor in shaping our realities; still nothing in our lives will ever happen without us taking an action in the right direction. Coaching helps you to see where you are, where you want to be and to bridge that gap by taking an action and creating a purposeful and happier life as a result.

Coach help you see, understand, move forward and holds you accountable. This is done through a set of coaching tools, assessments, exercises, practices, and question-based conversations.

Coaching is not about looking back to the roots of issues; that is in the domain of psychology. Coaching is focused on what is now and on taking actions to advance ahead; it’s purpose is to empower you. 

Coaching process starts with your commitment to yourself. You commit to unravel your inner authentic self, to discover what is holding you back, and to brighten your inner light and shine it outward.