finding balance

Are you living the life you want?

Are you overwhelmed and feel like the entire world is on your shoulders? 

Maybe you feel like your life is a series of bad things happening, your workplace is toxic, your partner left, or you feel like you need to be perfect and make everyone happy?

Maybe you feel trapped in the life you have, hoping that one-day things will change but you are not doing anything different?

Perhaps you feel stuck in a job you don’t like or you are chronically exhausted and feel like all the joy left you?

Perhaps you think that the life you lead is not what you signed up for but you don’t know where to turn and what to do to change it?

Let me ask you, what life you did sign up for and what are you doing to have it?
In these situations, you have two options. You can either continue what you always did, leaving things as they are and continue to hope; or you can start to look into yourself and connect to your essence, and start to heal.
I know where you are at as I have been there. There was always something happening that would prompt me to feel sorry for myself. The adversities were real, but I didn’t know I can choose a different view on them; instead, I was in a constant state of victimhood, and entire world was to blame. This went on until I realized that my subconscious believes are rooted in fear instead of courage, and they are running my life.
I still remember all those mornings when I could barely muster the strength to get out of bed, dragging my feet, and dreading the day ahead. I constantly felt overwhelmed with life.
The point is, you need to wake up and change something before your body replies with something way more serious than chronic exhaustion. Sweeping signs your body is giving you in form of burnout, apathy or depression, under the rug as our culture praises workaholic and sacrificing life for (usually someone else’s) work does not resolve the issue.
Don’t wait that moment. The way out is the way in. Get to know you, dive deep into what is it that creates imbalance and causes you stress. Take a look at your shadows. Learn how to love them. Awaken your inner child and see what’s your full potential. Learn where your boundaries are and how to set them. Discover what excites you and what makes you jump from the bed in the morning, what creates your lust for life.
The painful truth is that life passes by in a blink and it doesn’t wait for a good day to start. You shouldn’t either.


When we are stuck in the endless loop of work and responsibilities, without having any time for ourselves, life tends to look dark and difficult. It sometimes takes a helping hand to mirror us what it is that we want and need to do to get ourselves from that loop.

Things rarely happen by themselves. You need to want to change your old ways and you need to be ready.
Because only when your intention meets the action, the change happens.


FINDING BALANCE is 1:1 coaching program where we work our way through four main steps over the course of eight weeks, in eight weekly sessions. In my work I combine classic ICF style coaching, deep active listening and exploring your inner truths, and energy work, so that you can get the best possible results. In between sessions there are some individual practices and homework. Four steps we go through in eight weeks are:
Releasing stress,
gaining awareness
We are going to identify your main stressors, in what ways you sabotage yourself, and what you can do to  become your own best friend. You will learn mindfulness and awareness techniques and learn how to detach yourself from the stressors and how to handle excess of stress. You will start to build new physical and mental habits that are basis of resilience. You will start to develop more positive outlook on life. During step 1, we will lay the foundation of your new resilient mindset and balanced life that you will love..
Deep into the shadows and love
Once the foundation has been set, you’re going to meet your inner child and explore its world. What does it believe, what it’s afraid of, what pains it carries, what are its shadows? Many of our issues in life comes from self-rejection. We cannot fully accept and love ourselves if we don’t see our shadow parts. Don’t worry, all your parts are loveable. You are going to see that for yourself and to see the magic that happens when you show yourself to the world authentically. 
Boundaries and appreciation
You will explore your personal boundaries and learn how to set them effectively in professional and private settings. You will find your own unique way to express yourself and learn how to say no. You will explore your needs and practice how to ask what you need and want. You will learn how to handle ruminating thoughts,  worry less and how to turn life’s challenges into opportunities and rely on your inner strength. You will be able to deal with stressful situations in a new way, bouncing back quickly, without allowing them to take control over you.
YOUR Meaningful existance
Finally, you will starting to discover what is your passion, what can make you jump in the morning with joy and start to create vision for your life. Setting goals, making plans and identifying values. Together we will assess where you are in relation to your vision, how far or close it is from the reality you currently live. We will allow that space to inspire you. We will establish and develop a specific action plan to take you exactly where you want to be. 
This program is for you if:
  • If you are ready, willing and able to commit to yourself;
  • If you want to release excessive stress and improve quality of your life;
  • If you are ready to change;
  • If you know there is more to life, but you don’t know where to start;
  • If you tried traditional therapy and it didn’t produce desired results.
This program is for NOT you if:
  • You are not ready to commit to yourself;
  • If you are not prepared to go into your heart space;
  • If you are not ready to take an honest look into yourself;
  • If you don’t want to own your circumstances;
  • You want things to stay as they are.
To learn more about my transformative 8 sessions, 1 to 1 coaching package and if we are a fit, schedule your DISCOVERY session today!


W. C.
IT Consultant
“I was working as a consultant when excessive workload, a toxic client and the covid situation led me to burnout. Considering the severity of my symptoms, I knew I was going to need help. I chose to work with Vanja through the recommendation of a friend, and because her significant experience in the corporate world made me confident that she can relate to my experience. Vanja’s support was a great help through my long journey of recovery. Vanja quickly helped me pinpoint the main issues that caused my burnout, identify my inner saboteurs and how to address them, and we worked with different techniques to help me cope with the anxiety and guilt of being on sick leave. Vanja was available and supportive when I had a relapse after coming back to work and ended up realizing that the only way to recover was to quit what I considered being my dream job. She helped me through my grieving process, to build up self care and self compassion, and to make room for the new. I strongly recommend being accompanied by Vanja through the process of burnout recovery. Although the sessions can be demanding during the worst phase of sickness, Vanja used a broad range of different techniques to adapt to my needs and energy level, and regular coaching provided me with incentives to keep a healthy lifestyle and immediate support when I relapsed.”

“Vanja’s approach and guidance brought me so much clarification in the overthinking mind. Her ability to recognize and show things as they are, have really helped me to achieve my goals. I especially like that there is a spirituality in the method that Vanja is offering. It really took a short period of time to see the results and changed mental patterns.”

Human Resources
“When I decided to start with coaching, I was a bit “lost”, was feeling at a crossroads of my professional career, I felt like I did no longer know myself. I was hoping to clear that fog, and understand where to focus my emotions, actions and time going forward. Coaching with Vanja helped me to return sooner than I thought back to work after 3 months of medical leave due to work related stress. I have started to discuss openly my career and the future with my manager at the present company. Now I have a clear goal in front of me, and have found out my strengths. I feel better equipped to focus on my weaknesses too. I would recommend Vanja’s expertise to all who are suffering from work related stress, and general “feeling stuck” emotions.”
Vale Fabris

“During a period of change in career path and lifestyle I was feeling overwhelmed with work and study and I turned to coaching mostly for management and organisational advice, not only to get through this particularly busy moment of my life, but also to equip myself with tools that will be useful in the long term, in order to prevent future stress and burnout. The coaching experience has proved to be even more effective and thorough than expected, as Vanja helped me define and analyse the feelings I was experiencing and reflect on their root; she supported me to acknowledge and manage those feelings and thoughts that would hinder me, such as lack of self-confidence, and also to identify and cherish those driving me, such as passion and motivation for my work. In this introspective journey we identified and assessed my goals and values regarding the professional and personal spheres of my life, something that has helped me understand that I’m on the right track and has given me newly found awareness and confidence in my capabilities, which I sometimes wrongfully doubt or undermine. Coaching has been eye-opening and Vanja guided me in reordering my feelings, my values, and my needs regarding life and work in a very linear way, so that now I am more aware of where I stand and where I’m heading to lead a fulfilling and meaningful personal and professional life.”

EU Institutions

“Working with Vanja was an extremely beneficial experience. I went into it with an open mind, trying to figure out what would help me to lead a more fulfilling life. Vanja presented me with tools, which help me in my daily life today. With her help and insight I was able to become more conscious of my thoughts, emotions and body. I have learnt the importance of perspective and my life thus is becoming more satisfying.”

Gorana Romcevic
Bleach Communication Agency

Vanja helped me a lot during the transition towards the next phase of my career. I was feeling uncomfortable, facing many business challenges and going through the whole range of feelings in one day, from demotivation, through fear and panic, to some strange high-energy mode. She helped me to build mindfulness, observe this amplitude, identify my own programs and blocks, set the path for getting rid of them and learn to see challenges as opportunities. Very soon, I started feeling much more in control of my own thoughts and actions. These sessions with Vanja were definitely a huge step towards a much higher quality of life. My warm recommendations to all people who would need a great expert and a super nice and emphatic person. Thank you, Vanja! I’ll come back for more sessions, for sure!

Are you ready to live a more fulfilling life? 
Every real change of our external circumstances starts within, by changing our habits and ways of thinking. It depends very much on how we cultivate our inner environment. If you are ready to take steps towards change and take charge of your life, fill in the application below. I will review your submission and contact you within 24 hours.