Finding Balance

Do you feel exhausted, unhappy and in limbo, not seeing a way forward? Are you always prioritizing others or others' businesses? Are you having enough of feeling that way?

It's time to take things into your own hands, take care of yourself, get rid of the stress and own your life!

Just imagine...
… waking up to a new day, well rested and feeling a rush of excitement.
… going through your day without a cramp in your stomach, welcoming daily challenges and facing duties with confidence and ease.
… living your life exactly how you want it; feeling satisfied and content.
… having time to spend time with family and friends, without your phone, feeling calm, fulfilled and in the present moment.
Just imagine, seeing the world in a positive light and being excited about living and confident about your next steps. You can prioritize and you know how to pursue such priorities. 
No more sacrifices, no more are in control of your life. You accept life's challenges however big or small. You feel you can balance life and work. You are happy!


When we are stuck in the endless loop of work and responsibilities, without having any time for ourselves, life tends to look dark and difficult. It sometimes takes a helping hand to mirror us what it is that we want and need to do to get ourselves from that loop.

Things most often do not happen by themselves. You need to want to change your old ways and you need to be ready. Because only when your intention meets the action, the change happens.

My four step program will get you to where you want to be:


We are going to identify sources of stress in your life, in what ways you sabotage yourself, and areas which are in need of attention and transformation. Addressing them is the beginning of your positive transformation journey. We will start to learn and adopt mindfulness and awareness techniques and start to adopt more positive outlook on life. Being grounded in the present moment gives you a neutral position and relieves you of the negative burden. This will help you practice responding to unwanted situations in a more controlled way.  During step 1, we will lay the foundation of your new resilient mindset and balanced life that you will love.

Creating a

Once the foundation has been set, we allow ourselves to imagine the future and focus on where you want to be. We are starting with creating the vision for your life. Setting goals, making plans and identifying values. Together we will assess where you are in relation to your vision, how far or close it is from the reality you currently live. We will allow that space to inspire you. We will establish and develop a specific action plan to take you exactly where you want to be. At the same time, we are continuing with mindfulness and smashing negative self talks as the best basis for all further developments.

Removing Obstacles

We will dig deep into what has been an obstacle on your way to a balanced and joyful life you envisioned. Working through the beliefs and blocks that hold you back and form your perception, we will clear your path forward. Becoming aware of your mental blocks is the first step in letting them go. We will develop skills like flexibility and how to set personal boundaries. No more dreading the alarm clock in the morning. No more feeling empty, demotivated and incapable.  In addition, we are learning how to change your perspective on life and reframe unpleasant and stressful situations, while continuing with mindfulness practice.

Building Resilience

In this final step, we are setting you up for success. We will affirm techniques to build resilience and learn new ones. You will learn to turn life’s challenges into opportunities and rely on your inner strength. You will learn that setting boundaries with kindness is a healthy ground for a happy life and relationships. You will be able to deal with stressful situations in a new way, bouncing back quickly, without allowing them to take control over you.
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Vale Fabris

“During a period of change in career path and lifestyle I was feeling overwhelmed with work and study and I turned to coaching mostly for management and organisational advice, not only to get through this particularly busy moment of my life, but also to equip myself with tools that will be useful in the long term, in order to prevent future stress and burnout. The coaching experience has proved to be even more effective and thorough than expected, as Vanja helped me define and analyse the feelings I was experiencing and reflect on their root; she supported me to acknowledge and manage those feelings and thoughts that would hinder me, such as lack of self-confidence, and also to identify and cherish those driving me, such as passion and motivation for my work. In this introspective journey we identified and assessed my goals and values regarding the professional and personal spheres of my life, something that has helped me understand that I’m on the right track and has given me newly found awareness and confidence in my capabilities, which I sometimes wrongfully doubt or undermine. Coaching has been eye-opening and Vanja guided me in reordering my feelings, my values, and my needs regarding life and work in a very linear way, so that now I am more aware of where I stand and where I’m heading to lead a fulfilling and meaningful personal and professional life.”

EU Institutions

“Working with Vanja was an extremely beneficial experience. I went into it with an open mind, trying to figure out what would help me to lead a more fulfilling life. Vanja presented me with tools, which help me in my daily life today. With her help and insight I was able to become more conscious of my thoughts, emotions and body. I have learnt the importance of perspective and my life thus is becoming more satisfying.”

Gorana Romcevic
Bleach Communication Agency

Vanja helped me a lot during the transition towards the next phase of my career. I was feeling uncomfortable, facing many business challenges and going through the whole range of feelings in one day, from demotivation, through fear and panic, to some strange high-energy mode. She helped me to build mindfulness, observe this amplitude, identify my own programs and blocks, set the path for getting rid of them and learn to see challenges as opportunities. Very soon, I started feeling much more in control of my own thoughts and actions. These sessions with Vanja were definitely a huge step towards a much higher quality of life. My warm recommendations to all people who would need a great expert and a super nice and emphatic person. Thank you, Vanja! I’ll come back for more sessions, for sure :)”

Are you ready to live a more fulfilling life? 
Every real change of our external circumstances starts within, by changing our habits and ways of thinking. It depends very much on how we cultivate our inner environment. If you are ready to take steps towards change and take charge of your life, fill in the application below. I will review your submission and contact you within 24 hours.